Why You Should Make a Donation

Because Direct Democracy Can Transform our Country

Ballot measures and issue-based campaigns enable the communities most affected by issues to take an active role in coming up with solutions that work for them and transform our country to one that is more equitable and just. When these efforts are lead by and center the most impacted communities, they can give people the power they need for self determination.

For Ballot Initiatives to be Successful, Activists Need to be Trained

Measures can transform our country, but for them to succeed, activists need to have the skills and understanding to win. BISCF is the nation’s leader in training leaders and giving them tools to be successful.

The Ballot Landscape Changes Regularly, and BISCF Monitors Those Changes

The way campaigns are managed shift and change year to year as do the rules around ballot measures changes within the states hat is why it’s so important that the Foundation continues its groundbreaking research and deep understanding into the ballot measure process.

Because We Can’t Do It Without You

Supporting and educating the people and organizations who are engaging their communities can’t happen without your help.

By donating to the BISCF today, you are ensuring that the next generation of civic engagement leaders are given the knowledge and building the skills they need to create a better future and more just society for everyone.


BISC Foundation also accepts donations in the form of checks, ACH payments, and stock gift transfers. For more information on check donations and stock transfers, please contact BISC Foundation’s Director of Operations and Finance, Victoria Ward, at Victoria@ballot.org.