Understanding the Science of Ballot Measures

Conducting innovative research


To implement our ideas effectively, we must understand the science of ballot measures. That’s why the BISC Foundation commissions research that helps organizations and funders make better decisions about messaging, tactics, long-term investments, and national strategy.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Exploring methods for engaging voters and preventing roll-off;
  • Delving deeper into a set of specific issues, including voting rights expansion, women’s health and reproductive justice, and economic fairness;
  • In 2013, conducting focus groups and surveys in four states to explore how voters approach ballot measures and which issues have the greatest potential to engage them;
  • In late 2012, partnering with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to commission unprecedented post-election polling on how voters in Maryland and Washington State responded to multi-issue ballots that featured marriage equality and other issues;
  • In 2012, commissioning focus groups and surveys on how voters psychologically approach ballot measures; and
  • In 2010, conducting post-election polling to understand the interaction of multiple issues on the ballot in Washington State.